Wednesday, December 24, 2014

golden lady cartier love collections

Most people think that golden accessories are only for women or old women, but if you carefully look into the rich styles of golden accessories you should know it is wrong.  Actually golden accessories are for all the people, from old to the new borne baby.  But nowadays, there are lots of defective goods, so it is important to know how to pick golden accessories.

Golden lady cartier love collections, one series of cartier love collections, has put forward the following suggestions to help you to pick golden accessories for lady.

First, lady with round face should wear vertical type of earring instead of earring with different shape design for lady with long face.  It will make lady with round face more beautiful.  But do remember that round-face lady cannot ware small erring because it will make face look larger.  Lady with long face can sear square shape or round shape earring, as well as sector earring.
Second, long necklace is suitable for slim lady while short necklace is suitable for short and chubby lady.  Anyway, when wearing necklace, one should consider her own feature.

Third, lady with long fingers can wear rings with exaggerated style, which can make your hand look more beautiful, while lady with fat fingers should wear flowers rings, which can make your hand look exquisite.Golden lady cartier love collections has various products which can meet all the requirements mentioned above.

Finally, golden accessories can be combined with various colors such as red, white or black.  When combined with red, they will show youth and optimism, and they are extremely good for happy time.  When combined with black, they will show mystery and nobleness, which is the taste of haughty ladies.  When combined with white, it will present pure beauty, which is the dream of all the ladies.
Besides golden lady cartier love collections, Cartier love collections also provide other series for different people which can let you be who you want to be.